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Sune Frederiksen  

running for office and riding through life with lovely wife, Barbara.

Here are some issues that I find important to work on in no particular order:

  1. Berea finances. The City must make a strong effort to balance the budget each year.  
  2. Economic development, including industrial, retail and tourism progress.
  3. First responders - optimize the work conditions for fire fighters and law enforcement personnel. Establish a strong relationship with second responders such as The American Red Cross.
  4. Current social issues - incl. the deadly drug situations, work on improved prison conditions.
  5. Equality and    ........ the right to pursue happiness. 
  6. Municipal utilities - investigate, discuss and find the right model for Berea. Topics are sewer, water quality and supply, electricity supplier and renewable energy.
  7. Parks and Recreation. Make a strong and sincere effort to create, maintain and develop more activities for the residents of Berea, both recreational and competitive. 
  8. Street department - road and sidewalk maintenance is a high priority. 
  9. Municipality hiring procedures .  Make sure that applicants are treated with dignity, and that city representatives are competent to deal with staffing issues.
  10. Education.  Make sure that the City shows continued interest in the local educational priorities, whether it is independent schools, county schools, and college. The City needs to dig deeper into the possibilities of establishing a very attractive vocational school. 
  11. Eldercare - how can we make life safer, more joyful through meaningful approaches?
  12. With the arts and crafts history in Berea in mind, new ways of maintaining, developing and promoting it together with the Arts in general must be addressed.
  13. Optimize leisure time activities for our young residents.
  14. County.  A sincere willingness to work constructively with Madison County and Richmond officials to find the best path to progress in any given situation.
  15. Recycling and cleanup program. Make strong efforts to enforce and further develop the City's recycling program and encourage the residents and businesses to clean up after themselves and customers.