Sune Frederiksen

For the betterment and well being of Berea.

Photo 1: Campaign photo

Photo 2: Stars and Stripes - Pursuit of Happiness.

Sune Frederiksen for Berea City Council

After many active and exciting years of business, education and volunteer work in Berea and around the world, I have decided to use my experience and desire to serve the residents of Berea as a council member.  I hope you will find my platform and aspirations interesting enough to give me your vote, so I can make a meaningful contribution to day-to-day life for Bereans

Mission statement: I will with integrity and passion work for the betterment of Berea in order to secure its current economic fundament and help it grow, secure equal rights for our citizens, find new ways to strengthen our workforce,  support many existing  cultural cornerstones and help cultivate new ones in an ever changing society.

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